Vcorp Capital


Transform your investment experience with our exclusive membership

As our exclusive member, we aim to provide you with high quality and personalized service while helping you navigate our wide & diverse range of assets such as including Pre-IPO deals.


Joining this membership to receive exclusive access to in-depth market analysis and insights. Our VIPs will receive the full range of investment products and advisory services. We will provide a monthly update on your portfolio management. Else, our VIPs can have a single view of their portfolio management by accessing the customized portfolio management dashboard.


Our professional team collectively has a strong combination of extensive strategic, operational and financial experience from private equity, investment banking, law, IPO and the direct operating field.


Gain exclusive access to a user-friendly dashboard to understand your portfolio performance. We also provide the latest market insights and top-notch analysis tools to guide our investors to make informative investment decisions.


Participate in our investor circle and exclusive lifestyle events to network with the successful entrepreneurs, investment gurus and C-levels.

FAQ - VIP Membership

What are the benefits after joining VIP Club?

Our club members will receive exclusive access to Pre-IPO discounted price to investment opportunities, high-growth inner circle and connecting resourceful platform, lifestyle events and monthly performance updates on their investment portfolio.

Who should join?

Retail Investors (RIs), Accredited Investors (AIs), Institutional Investors (IIs)

If you plan to grow your wealth and learn from the rich and successful investors and your investment appetite is low risk and high return. You should not miss this chance. (Note: Applicants must be 21 years old and above.)

How do I join the VIP Club membership?

You can submit the application KYC form online here, or obtain them from our capital consultants.  Kindly fill in your details and submit the KYC form.

Why do investors need to undergo a KYC verification process?

Vcorp always strive to operate in full compliance with the highly regulated environment in which we operate, Vcorp constantly reviews it processes to ensure we have appropriate and robust procedures in place to meet these regulatory demands.

(Note: We have implemented and maintain an Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) program that ensures our continued compliance with AML and CFT laws, regulations and guidance in)

Can a company buy membership for use by its employees?

Yes and the cost would still be the same; the company is allowed to have one Nominee and his immediate family’s name is registered at any one time.

What facilities or services do you have for membership? Includes and excludes?

You can use our office lounge by appointment with the office manager and you are eligible to attend all our professional advisory closed group events and online sessions. All professional advisory and consultant fees are included but excluding other servicing fees and success fees. Success fee is a fee paid to an investment bank for successfully closing a transaction.

Do I need to be based in Malaysia to register as VIP club member?

No, you do not have to be based in Malaysia.

What is the minimum investment fund size?

It varies from deal to deal based on different company.

Is Vcorp Capital a newly incorporated company in the market?

Yes, Vcorp Capital started in 2021, it is a totally new investment channel in capital market which provides a brand-new experience via its exclusive Pre-IPO platform for retail investors.
Although the company is new, it is managed and supported by a team of professional with well experienced in IPO.
In addition, we are also a professional IR management company that manage all retail investors to keep all investment deals updated during tenure.  

Where does my investment fund credit to?

For each project, we will appoint an in-house corporate lawyer to manage the stakeholder account fund or through a legal private equity fund.
[Note: Fund will not credit into Vcorp Capital Bank account.]