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Victor Bong

More Than 12 years of valuable experiences in being a successful serial entrepreneur exited twice from his business Ventures .He is Specialized in Equity Financing ,Fund Management, Business Acceleration, Merges & Streamline operations locally & internationally with successful track record raised and managed fund over 8 digit .With his in dept experience in strong financial modelling and valuation knowledge, he started venture building leveraged buyout operating model with potential mergers and acquisitions and structure equity offerings for over 30 local businesses to transform into IPO readiness business. Since then, Victor had joined several financial advisory firms where is continued to structure deals, provide advisory services and help business to growth and raise capital
to go listing on major stock exchanges.

Before establishing VCORP Capital, he was the IPO project director for a one-stop capital resource platform. He had extensive experience leading the Malaysia Project Team to help execute IPO project advisory and fundraising exercises. He also involved himself in the corporate consulting advisory to lead and coach SME leaders on business model design, fundraising, corporate structuring, IPO share structure, employee share option scheme and building an A+ management team. He has been a renowned speaker for brand awareness on Fast Track IPO Strategy, targeted the SME and association by creating IPO business talk to share about IPO listing strategies and how SME benefits from IPO fundraising.

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